About Us

The JWA is registered in Leverkusen, Germany, as a non-profit making association, see “Constitution“. Our aim is to promote international understanding and to create greater friendship between people from different nations. It is non-religious and non-political.

The JWA is named after Jörg Weise from Leverkusen, Germany, who died in 1979 at the age of 21. He was a young man with high ideals. These ideals are reflected in the Association that carries his name.

It was founded by two people, Professor Eberhard Weise, Jörg’s father, and by lan Mucklejohn, Jörg’s teacher in England, Managing Director of Vacational Studies in Newbury, England.

They pay an annual subscription of €50. This money is used directly to pay for worthwhile young people to cross frontiers to study in the English language. Members can suggest projects. There are regular information sheets and an annual meeting in a different country each year. In the last few years these have been: Barcelona, Spain; Saumur, France; Arona, Italy; Eindhoven, Netherlands; Düsseldorf, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Nice, France; London, England; Bad Nauheim, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Leverkusen, Germany, Madrid, Spain; Frankfurt, Germany. These meetings combine discussions about the role of the JWA with a ‘fun’ social, sightseeing and activity programme; more about this item, see “Meetings“. Next year (September 2018) our meeting will be held in the modern and rising city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The Association is open to everybody interested in helping young people cross frontiers for personal and linguistic enrichment. Members come from 16 different nations, and comprise a wide range of professions, ages range from 18 to 70.

You can join the JWA by downloading our Application Form, filling your dates in and sending it to the Chairperson.